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omg I havent blogged in for ever!!

Ahh Omg! I haven't done any blogging in a long while!

I have mostly been out of touch with the tech world lately actually. Especially after my Wizzer meow passed away. Its still pretty hard for me every day, he was my little man and part of my inspiration to do anything! But Im working on getting back into every thing. I have done a little bit of painting. It was pretty much just starting a new one, and then getting only a little bit into it before I just didn't feel the inspiration or want to paint any more that day. And I havent done any painting since.

Recently one of my all time favorite Authors Carrie Jones has been getting back into her blogging, so over the past week or so I have been reading some of her posts. I love her posts they are always so funny or so sad, but have so much emotion and life in them. So I figured I should give it more of a shot and try harder to get back into my art and my blog.

Sadly Im still working on the one abstract painting I started so dang long ago! The one that is inspired but a good handful of amazing people! :) Im hoping I can get my self motivated enough in the next few days to finish that one. Then there is the one I started a couple weeks ago now. That one is inspired by my sweet little kitty love, Wizzer. I dont really know what its going to be, or where the heck I'm going with this one. But I'm sure it will be interesting and turn out ok in the end.

Its been just over a months since I lost my baby/old man kitty, Wizzer. and just about as long since my little sister surprised me with 2 new sweet little babies. But man it sure doesn't feel like it. My heart still hurts most days like I just lost my Wizzer yesterday and Shadowfax and Cameron are growing so fast! Its just soo dang crazy! I Love those boys so much, and its so crazy the little things they do that remind me of Wizzer! Shadowfax is actually the most like Wizzer out of the two of them, and I have actually accidentally called him Wizzer a few times. And Cameron... well Cam is mostly a cuddle bug, and I just love that so much! I also Love that, that is his thing that he does that reminds me of Wizzer. Cameron like Wizzer Loves to cuddle when I'm reading or doing stuff on my computer or just watching TV! No animal is ever the exact same as another just like with people, and I'm happy and sad for that. But I'm oh so very happy for similarities! :) lol

So I guess thats it for tonight. Just a little sum up of the nothingness going through my head. lol Blog again later.... Night Y'all! 

My Tuesday Surprise!

Well as you know I lost my sweet sweet baby Wizzer meow early Saturday morning. I had a very bad and hard weekend that weekend, but Tuesday I got the most awesome surprise ever! That has really helped to keep me from crying all day and perk me back up!

So my Sister and our friend Connie had been talking to my boyfriend about getting me a new kitty. Since they both know how I am with my kitties, and how I am when I don't have a kitty! lol So they planned this awesome surprise with him. And he told me look on line to see what kind of kitty I might want for when I was ready to get a new one. I ended up really wanting this brother and sister set of 12 week old kittens, but knew by the time I felt I would be ok they would have a new home already. After that though I really wanted a brother and sister set of kittens! But unknown to me my boyfriend was telling my sister all of this and even emailed her the link of the brother and sister set I had found and really wanted! Sadly though that set had already found a new home. Lucky for me though our friend Connie has a friend whos grandparents had lots of kittens that needed a new home! :D So they went earlier that day to pick out my brother and sister set! :)

And so Tuesday Afternoon, I'm not expecting ANYONE and BAM! *Knock Knock Knock* I open my door to find Connie and my little Sister each holding a kitten! Andy was also there recording the whole thing!! lol It was Soo awesome!! and I was soo excited!! I hadn't been fully sure how I would feel about getting a new kitten any time soon,until I saw those 2 cute fluffy little babies! They were just so darn cute, and I could totally tell they needed my love! :) and funny thing They were supposed to be a brother sister set like i had wanted, but we gave them a bath and then found out that they were actually 2 boys! lol

Funny thing about that too is that when My sister and I had rescued my cat Wizzer and his brother KiKi We had thought that KiKi was a girl! We then found out later that we were wrong! lol So now it just makes it even more funny that the same thing happened with my two new sweet little boys! lol I was a little disappointed at first, but I had fallen absolutely for them when I first saw them, so that was that! And it was just perfect! :D

So now Thanks to my sweet little sister and amazing friend Connie I now have the two cutest and sweetest and craziest little 8 week old baby kitties!! :D Their names are Shadowfax and Cameron! :) They are named after Dragon and Damien's Cats in the House of Night Book Series! Both are super fluffy and pretty much all white except, Shadowfax has gray ears and tail and a gray spot in his nose, and Cameron has cream ears and tail with a little bit of cream on his nose! :) I just LOVE IT!! lol
They have been here 3 days now and their personalities are starting to really come out! Its funny too cause at first we thought Cameron was going to be the super chill one and Shadowfax was going to be the spunky one. But now Cameron is showing his spunky side and his love of climbing EVERYTHING!! lmao and Shadowfax is still spunky but he is now starting to show his cuddly chill side! :) Ahhhh It is just soo darn cute!! :D

LOL Its just too cute!! These two adorable little surprises are the best surprises EVER!! :D
I Love them's Like Crazys!!!

Also on a less super happy cute note, The same day that I got my new kitties my boyfriend got the call from the vet that Wizzer's ashes had come back and were ready for pick up. So last night we went to get them and I got another pretty awesome surprise there too! I had asked the night I let him go to sleep, if they would be able to get his paw prints for me, and what I got last night instead was totally not what I had expected! It was soo much better! :) I had thought I was just going to get black paw prints on a piece of paper, but instead I got an amazing perfect Paw print done in clay!! With a cute little heart next to the paw and his name under it! It was so sweet and awesome and thoughtful! I never expected some one to go to all the trouble of doing that, but they did and its perfect! A perfect little piece of my sweet little Wizzer meow! I am forever grateful to the ladies that helped us out that night and did that wonderful thing for me! :)

RIP Mommy's Sweet Baby Boy!

At around 2 am My love and I arrived at a 24 hour vet clinic in Olympia with my sweet baby boy. We very very sadly had to let him go to sleep. :'( He was in pain and we couldnt fix it..... :( Its going to be a very hard next few weeks or more. I already miss my baby boy soo soo very much!! Thank fully though he is now happy and pain free and is being loved and taken care of by my grandpa. Im going to check out of the internet world for a few days or more now. see yall when im feeling less sad.

RIP Mommy's Sweet Baby Boy! Mommy will miss you soo soo very very much! I Love you for ever!! 


Today has been a hard day for me. My kitty has been sick and he really hasnt been getting better. I'm taking him to the vet in the morning to see what they can do. Sadly though I have a feeling they aren't going to be able do any thing.... :(

My cat Wizzer has been with me since i was about 12 or 13. I rescued him as a little kitten. Some people who couldnt find a home for him or his little brother were just going to leave them to fend for them selves at the lake acrross the street from my dads house. But I being the huge animal person that i am could not have that! So even though my parents had only 3 months before told me no more animals, I took My sweet little wizzer and His brother KiKi (my sister thought he was a she) home. My parents were pissed but we didnt care, and they both soon won over the hearts of my parents and we got to keep them! :) KiKi eventually ran off into the woods behind my moms house and Wizzer escaped with me to my dads house. Him and I had tons of fun there and he got mad at me when i took him to get snipped. lol poor little man. Then we both indured 5 crazy/horrid years with my ex-husband. We Both looked much much happier once we were out. We then moved in with my Boyfriend and we were even happier, although Wizzer hates Bobby-Jo! lol after a year in Auburn we are now in Centralia.

Now I dont know what to do!! I just dont want my baby to be sick any more!! :'(  Well Im going to get off my computer and cuddle my little man and give him tons and tons of loves and help him feel a little better! 

Awesome Weekend

So my Sister and Andy came down Friday night to spend a weekend with my boyfriend and I. And It was an Awesome weekend! :) Although it is very sad that they left this afternoon. It was Amazing though to actually get out and do stuff and have some fun though!

Casey and I in the like 7 or 8 months that we have lived down here had not once really been out yet. We have been out to the grocery store but thats pretty much about it! lol But Friday and Saturday nights we actually went to a few of the bars not far from our house. It was pretty cool too! Friday night we got out pretty late cuz Casey (my boyfriend) had work that night until Midnight, so that night we only went to one bar. But it was still super fun and hilarious because we got to witness a small town bar fight! lol It started with this chick and this dude just talking then kind of yelling/half fighting about some thing, all I remember is that she yell at him "so your calling me a whore?" or something like that. She was pretty pissed. Then about a few mins later these two other dudes who were by the one dude and chick, really got into it. One of them was like inches from punching the other in the face! It then became like a big blob of people trying to keep them apart and also trying not to get him them selves. lol it was pretty crazy, but kinda cool! :)

When we went out Saturday night we started out at one bar doing Karaoke, and that was a blast! :) we also played some pool and I actually won a game against my sister!! :D YAY!! lol We then met a couple of super awesome girls who took us to a weird but really kinda cool Mexican bar just down the street. It was Awesome!! :) Lots of weird clammy handed Mexican guys thought that really wanted to dance with us. lol they also had this super crazy high stage with a live Mexican band. All in all Freaking Awesome night!

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill, just hanging around the house watching a pretty awesome show called Spartacus! :) It was sad to see them leave again, but I sure cant wait until we can do it again! :)

Well now its time for My Love and I to watch some NCIS! :) Later Y'all! 

Happy Birthday Little Sister! :D

So...... Today Is my Little baby sisters 23rd Birthday!! :D YAY!! and BOOOO!!! Booo Because That means I'm getting old!! Yay! Because Birthdays are awesome!! :D

Happy Birthday Baby Sister!! I love you and am so proud of the many things you have accomplished in your life! You are a strong and independent woman, you are also stubborn and determined! Those are great things! I Both love and hate your determined stubbornness! lol You also Speak your mind and don't take crap from any one. Which is good cuz im totally the oppisite and it has not done me any good! lol But that will all get your very far in life! Your stubborn determinedness and your no crap ill let you know what i think attitude i mean. lol I wish the best things for you in your 23rd year! :) I Love you Baby Sister! Happy Birthday!! :D

My Sunday with My Awesome Family

So I have been Horrible with my blogging lately. But since I had a pretty amazing day Sunday with my Amazing Family, I thought now would be a great time to actually blog!! lol 

So Sunday My boyfriend and I went up north to see my family. ( My mom and dad and 2 brothers live in Kent. Im in Centralia, so they and most of the rest of my family are all north of me. Its really sad but it happens.) My Aunt and Uncle who live in California, came up to see every one since they don't get to that often. So My sister came down from Kenmore and My Grandma came down from Ferndale. It was really nice to have every one is once place. :) It does not happen often. My 3 siblings and I are hardly ever all in the same place at the same time. lol Any ways my dad, his brother and my boyfriend all wanted to go shooting this weekend, so my dad rented out a spot at the indoor shooting range we like to go to. When my dad got off work, my bothers, sister, my boyfriend, uncle, and dad all headed off to the shooting range. I stayed back at the house with my mom, grandma and aunt, because my aunt and grandma aren't that big into shooting, and I thought it would be nice to have some time to see and chat with them since I don't get to that often.

I also had to get my taxes done. that part wasn't so exciting. lol 

We did have a good time chatting though and it was nice. My grandma of course also (like she always does lol) had to ask me when my boyfriend and I are getting married. lol She along with the rest of my family really LOVE my boyfriend. lol Don't get me wrong I love that they love him, since they have hated all the rest of my boyfriends and my ex-husband! lol She also asked and we talked about (since she ALWAYS says what shes thinking/wondering.) why we are waiting. lol I love my grandma, she speaks her mind and doesn't ever hold much back. Yes some... or well most of the time that is awesome and I love it, some times though lol not so much. lol Anyways I tried to explain (keyword TRIED  lol) that we are just taking our time and are not jumping into any thing, and that even though I would love to get remarried right now I'm not going to ever pressure any one into any thing they don't want to do again like getting married. That didn't turn out so good last time, that's how I ended up with an ex-husband. lol So after that fun little talk it was mostly just random stuff after that, until the guys and my sister got back from the range.

When they got back they had a couple but mostly just one really good story to tell that kind of made me wish I would have gone, but then again I'm glad I didn't. My sister and my boyfriend were able to bond a little more and that is awesome! I have always said I wanted to marry some one who could like and get along with ALL of my family! And my sister can... Well.. She has a very strong personality. lol She can some times be hard to get along with, but shes a good sweet girl and it some times just takes a little one on one time to see it. So it was good for them! :) Their Stories though... They were good, very funny, my favorite is the big one that everyone was talking about. That one would be my dad shooting the ceiling. lol He was shooting his brothers gun, and had just loaded it and had cocked it back. (Oh and a bit of info needed for this by the way, my dad not to long ago had surgery on his thumb, and it is still in a splint. So it was a little hard for him to hold the gun at first.) He was adjusting his grip, not realizing how sensitive the trigger was and... BANG! lol The gun went off and clipped the ceiling. Scared the heck out of my dad and everyone else! lol But Thankfully my dad is a smart man and was doing all of this while keeping the gun pointed down range. I say this bit of info because I know some people can be dumb enough not to point their guns down rage while loading, ext. Any who we all had a good laugh about that. And they all had a Great time! :)

Then we ate dinner and my boyfriend and I took my baby brother out to buy his own X-Box, then had to take him back to our birth mothers house. (He still lives with our birth mother, but the rest of us decided while we were all still in high school that we would rather live with our dad. Its a very long story....) So After Dropping off My baby brother and saying hi to my birth mother and her husband, my boyfriend and I headed back to my parents house to chat some more with the family and eat cookies! (awesome cookies BTW that my grandma made, and that are also very addictive!)

Later my sister and her best-friend/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend (its complicated) my boyfriend and I all decided we should go out for a drink. So after every one else had headed for home. Us 4 headed to the bar not far from my parents house. We had a BLAST! I only had one drink and a few sips of my sisters drink when we first got there, then I had to be a good girl since I had to drive home. My sister and I had fun playing pool while My boyfriend and, we will just say her boyfriend played one of those shooting hunting game thingys. It was amazing to go out and have some fun like that. We don't get to do that very often. :) Oh yeah and just in case y'all we wondering my sister whooped my butt all... what 4 or 5 games her and I played. Yeah I suck at pool. I do ok once I play a handful of games and warm up, but I'm still not all that good. lo After a few good fun hours we then said our good byes to my sister and her boyfriend, and wished them a safe trip home, (My parents place just so happens to be the exact half way point between my place in Centralia and my sisters place in Kenmore) since we both had an hour plus drive home.

Now the drive home was probably the funnest/funniest hour plus drive I have ever had! My boyfriend and my sisters boyfriend had been buying each other drinks all night lol so yeah... My boyfriend wa absolutely n his happy happy place. The whole drive home he serenaded me with every country song sung by a male artist that came on the radio! It was super cute. It was even more adorable when it was a love song of some kind. lol He then had to try and get every semi truck we passed to honk its horn. Every time he tried and they wouldn't do it he got really sad until he would then remember that he was singing to me and dancing around like a goofball. He also waved and tried to saw hi to a good handful of more people in other cars that we drove past. lmao Finally though as we were driving through Olympia he finally got one of the semi truck drivers to honk. It was so adorable, he got so excited! It was like he was a little kid! lol And it was oh so very very funny!! lol I was laughing the whole drive home. I don't even remember the last time I laughed for over an hour like that! lol That is for sure one of the main reasons I love this man so much! :

 All in all Sunday was an Amazing day, we both had so much fun. And It was much needed! 

So that is my blog for tonight. Yes its long and probably hardly makes any sense but oh well, its my blog! And that just happens some times. lol :) Well.... Good night all! Time to watch some Bones! :D

Library Adventure

Back from my little library adventure. This little library is so cute and little! I actually have never been in such a small library. but its a cute little place and I loved it! Its also Awesome cause there is this beautiful park in front of it with a gazebo! :D lol Absolutely love it! 

It has been SUCH a LONG time since I have actually been into a library. I had almost forgotten how quiet it is in library's! lol Its nice I like it. I think one of these days here soon I'm going to have to go there to do some more work on my book. Get there early and spend a good few hours just diving into it! 

I also found a couple of Art books that I think I'm going to go back and check out. I flipped threw both of them just a little bit and both looked like they had a lot in them that I Really need to study up on. Nice thing too is one of them is an art school book! :D So looks like I will me art home schooling my self here soon! :P lol 

I'm very very glad that I didn't let my shy little self stay home today. Cause I almost chickened out! lol I am a very very shy person and I have never liked going to a new place on my own, I always bring some one with me. lol  I actually sat in my car in front of the library for like 5 mins getting up the courage to go in and explore. lol Once I actually got in side I think some of the front desk ladies thought I was weird. If y'all had seen me today you would have totally been able to tell I was nervous and not sure of my self. lol

But I had a good time checking out all the books and the library its self! :) For sure going back soon! also come summer time the cute little park will be an AMAZING place to go and read and enjoy the sunshine! :)


Today's To Do List

So on today's to do list.... 

#1 Go check out the library that I never knew was walking distance from my house!
#3 Be lazy 
#4 Work on book
#5 Be lazy some more! :)
#6 Maybe get some laundry done.

Yes I know it is a very short list, but that is mostly because I have a feeling that I will be a the library for a long while! :P lol This should be a good day! :D

Its Finally Friday!! :D

Ok, well its finally MY Friday!! :P lol Gotta leave for work in about 20, but thought I would share with you how excited I am that its Finally My Friday!! :D


even though its really Tuesday!! :P lmao

But I'm excited because, I have the next 3 DAYS OFF!! So that means after the quick pick up house work that always needs to be done. I will be locking my self in my office to work on my painting and my book!! :D SOO SUPER EXCITED!! D So this work day better go by FAST!! Cross your fingers for me that its busy today and that there is LOTS of stuffs to do! :) he he he 

Well I guess I should go finish my coffee and get dressed huh?! lol 

.....Yeah I probably should. lol

Laters Y'all